Beginning Saxophone

Introducing Beginning Saxophone, the book.

A Modern Approach to Learning Saxophone.

Beginning Saxophone, an instructional music book by San Francisco Bay Area based saxophonist and educator Ken Moran, is a clear, colorful, and exciting approach to learning how to play saxophone, With an original teaching method and compositions, this book teaches you everything you need in the first year of playing. By focusing on warm-ups for tone development, scales and other exercises to advance technique, and songs in different styles, Beginning Saxophone will encourage you to learn quickly and become a well-rounded player. If you are ready to practice hard and learn the essentials for becoming a great saxophone player, this book is for you!

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A Completely Redesigned Fingering Chart


Redesigned from the ground up, the Beginning Saxophone Fingering Chart was designed from the picture of a real modern-day saxophone. This is important because saxophones have changed significantly over the years and having a realistic illustration of a modern-day saxophone will help you better understand the notes and layout of your saxophone. The fingering chart accurately depicts all the keys on the instrument and even includes alternate fingerings!

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When learning an instrument for the first time, it’s important to listen to others play the same instrument so you can emulate a good instrumental sound. That’s why Beginning Saxophone includes high-quality play-along tracks for selected exercises, warm-ups, and duets.

High-Quality Play-Along Audio Recordings


Daily Warm-Up and Technique

Warming up is an essential part of many activities in life. In sports, you need to stretch before playing. In music, you need to warm up by playing slowly and controlled to begin your practice! The Daily Warm-Up and Technique exercises at the end of most chapters will teach you how to begin to help develop your practice session with warming-up and help develop good practice habits.

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All 12 Major Scales



Scales are the building blocks of good technique on any instrument and that’s why Beginning Saxophone includes all 12 major scales in the scale index. New notes are highlighted in green and the fingering diagrams are easy to read.

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